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Sports, Sports and More Sports!

During this week and next week we will discuss different sports. This is a great way to expand on information we have learned regarding body parts. We will focus on the letters C and D as well as number concepts like more/less. As we focus on sports we will teach the children to recognize different types while emphasizing the social aspect of working together.
We played basketball on Monday and the children had a great time trying to make baskets and giving high five's to each other.

Ms. Stephie's Speech Spot

Hello Speech Families and welcome to another fun and exciting theme in Early Childhood! These next two weeks we will be learning and talking about different sports and the equipment associated with them. We will complete all sorts of activities including playing games, making art projects, singing songs, matching, sorting , sequencing, graphing, comparing, working on concepts such as small/medium/large, and learning about the different actions associated with each sport, i.e., kicking, catching, bouncing, throwing, etc. We will also talk about the different body parts we use to play sports as an extension of our previous theme Body Parts/Senses. Be sure and provide exposure for your children to the vocabulary and concepts associated with our Sports theme by playing with them, talking about the different type of balls and equipment, and watching some different sports together on TV as well as enjoying some of the local high school competitions. Move your bodies and exercise your minds! Be safe, but most of all, have some fun! Call or email me questions and concerns…Go Bearcats! Go Colts!

Home Activities

You will find in your child's binder during the second week of each theme activities to complete at home. These activities will reinforce skills we have worked on in school. We encourage you to teach your children through play. For example making play dough with them and then playing with it to make shapes and letters addresses numerous developmental skills. I will also send home some handouts but more than anything I emphasize you creating projects with your child so that they can expand their skill development through play.


  1. Please return all field trip information to school by Thursday, 10/2. We look forward to everyone going to the Smith Family Farm.

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Stephanie Ross-Speech Therapist
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