Ten Types Of Fraud

And How to Prevent Them

1.Phony Checks

Make sure to confirm the name and address against the persons drivers

license when given a check to prevent checks bouncing

2. Phony Internet Sellers

Check user reviews and ratings when buying products online to prevent buying the Item and never receiving it

3.Online Misrepresentation

Check other places to make sure that what you are buying is legit so you don't lose money

4.Website Misdirection

Check the IP address when you are being redirected online that way you wont be taken to false sites trying to steal from you

5. Charities Fraud

Make sure that when donating the Charity is legit so you wont get ripped off

6.Debt Elimination

If you are in debt never click on ads trying to help get rid of it, because they are trying to steal your information

7.Work-at-Home Scams

If an add says you can be payed from working from home and asks you to pay for it, it is trying to steal from you.

8. Pyramid Schemes

At all costs avoid Pyramid funding online sales because you will not make money from them

9. Online Pharmacy Frauds

Make sure that when using online pharmacies that you check to make sure that they are real and not trying to scam you

10.Identity Theft

Destroy bank statements, receipts, credit card bills, and anything that can Give people personal information about you to prevent getting your identity stolen