Ms Waldon's Room Mom Update

Oct 2015

Let's Connect

If you are interested, Ashley and I are both on Facebook and thought making a private group would be a fun way to post pictures, ask questions and share information with everyone. After Oct, this group will become private, but until then, please either send one of us a friend request so we can add you to the group, or request to join at

Class Funds

A few weeks ago a form was sent home from the PTA regarding class funds. (Room Funds form)

When each family contributes the $20.00 that is requested, your room moms use those funds to purchase a gift from the class for Ms. Waldon's birthday, plan and put on the class Christmas party, Valentine's party, and purchase special treats for Ms. Waldon during teacher appreciation week. You can make checks payable to GSES PTA and add Ms. Waldon Class Funds in the memo.

As long as the majority of families participate, we will be able to easily put together fun events for the class, and will not need to ask for additional funds. If you have any questions about the class money at any time please feel free to e-mail Alisa.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are MANY opportunities for you to get involved!

1. Ms. Waldon sends emails separately for tasks/projects she needs help for.

2. In case you missed it at the open house, we had the below events listed as in-class special events where we will need help. For those that have already signed up, we will send out reminders, but if you know that you want to help, please let us know that you're available!

  • Holiday Party: December 18th
  • Valentine’s Party: February 11th
  • Teacher Holiday Duty Free Luncheon: December 4th
  • Teacher Appreciation Duty Free Luncheon: April 29th
  • Wednesday Folder Volunteers

3. If you are looking for other opportunities to volunteer, please consider checking out the list of available opportunities within the school. There are some GREAT special events coming up, and we ALWAYS have fun!!volunteer/cfvg

Upcoming School events

12 - 26 Oct - Parent Teacher Conferences: If you need to select a time, visit

23 Oct - 1/2 Day

23 Oct - Boo Bash (6-8:30pm) Volunteers needed!

30 Oct - Field Trip to Tate Farms

GSES School Calendar!calendar/cee5

Teacher Appreciation Week May 2-6

Start thinking/shopping now for fun ways to show Ms. Waldon how much you appreciate her! Here's a general schedule, but we'll send more details as we get closer to May.

• Monday: flowers or a potted plant

• Tuesday: free choice (fit to teacher’s likes)

• Wednesday: thank you notes

• Thursday: free choice (fit to teacher’s likes)

• Friday: class gift (bought with class funds)

Important Things to Remember

  • Holiday/Christmas gifts, and end of the year presents are up to an individual child’s family.
  • According to policy regarding snacks and/or food brought into the school, we are not allowed to celebrate class wide events with home baked goods.
  • Keep up with all school information, Sunday Send Out's, etc. by visiting the PTA website