The Wrinkle In Times


A Wrinkle in Time

This morning we sat down with Meg Murray and she had some interesting news to share with us. In late September, after a chance meeting with Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who (3 very old women who have some extraordinary powers!), Meg found herself on a different planet called Uriel. She told us that she had no idea how she got there, as a matter of fact, she said that she thought she was dreaming. She found out it was real when her little brother Charles snapped her out of it!

Her father, Mr. Murray had left for work a few months before. Mrs. Whatsit explained to Meg that Mr. Murray was off fighting a huge black shadow called the "Black Thing." Meg then told us that they went to a planet called Camazots to save Mr. Murray from the infamous "It," a giant brain that controls the planet and can take over everyone's brain! When they finally got to "It," it took over Charles Wallace's brain. Mr. Murray knew he had to get off the planet as soon as possible so he tessered (or traveled) to another planet with Meg. The only problem was that Charles Wallace was left on Camazots alone!

Please stay tuned to "The Wrinkle In Times," as we continue to report and discover what will happen next....