Knights in the Know

Week of November 1st

Culture of EXCEL-lence

Culture doesn't have to be complicated.

Simple is powerful.

Make the time to connect and build relationships.

Life is filled with amazing stories

Tap into them to love and encourage your students, your colleagues, your administration.

The Compass: The direction. The vision you have for your life and the people you surround yourself with help create the dream of where you want to go. As we continue on the Road to Success what direction will you take to ensure SGMS will EXCEL.

Big picture

Welcome and Farewell

As many of you know Majesty White has left SGMS to pursue a better job opportunity. I have thoroughly enjoyed my short time with her and I know she has been instrumental in the front office positive professionalism the team shares daily. She will be greatly missed. We should have a replacement in the near future.

GCS has given SGMS an additional allotment for an EL teacher for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year. I am pleased to welcome Mr. Ronelo Collamar who will arrive tomorrow, November 1st. He joined GCS this year from one of the international organizations, Educational Partners International. He was originally assigned to the new school, Newcomers High Point, but their building will not be ready until Fall 2022. Please give him a warm Knight Welcome. He will be working in various areas to support our EL learners with an emphasis in 8th grade science. We will decide upon an office/room location soon once a schedule is decided.

Personal and Professional Growth Opportunity

You can join Jon Gordon, Miles McPherson, Valorie Burton, Erwin McManus, Candy Valentino and other top leaders on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. It’s a FREE ONLINE conference equipping you with proven principles and strategies to overcome challenges and change, transform negativity, build stronger teams, and create results and lasting success.

Sign Up for Free Online Access Here

The conference is from 11am - 4pm ET on November 17th Online. Most speaker sessions will be LIVE and approximately 10-20 minutes long on a specific topic to help you lead yourself and others, and multiply your impact and leadership capabilities.

Sign Up for Free Online Access Here

Join in for a time within your planning period to provide you an extra boost in your day. Token of appreciation for any staff that are willing to share a brief synopsis of what they see or hear and how it impacts them in their personal or professional goals. Shoot me an email after viewing to get plugged in to share.

Shout out

A big shout out and Thank you to Ms. Graham, Mr. Lockett and Ms. Powell for your work with the CTE assessment during 7th and 8th grade encore Friday. We appreciate your facilitation and hard work. We would also like to thank our encore teachers for administering this assessment. Teachers please note they will be pulling students this week to finish the assessment if they did not finish or were absent as they strive for as close to 100% as possible.

Calendar Conversation--Please take note THERE ARE UPDATES!!

November 1st: Volleyball/Soccer at Morehead/HPAC 5:00 pm vs Penn Griffin-CANCELLED

November 2nd: 6th and 8th Math Interim; PLC's, Report cards; COMMITTEE mtgs afterschool, Boys Basketball Open gym 3:45-5:45 pm

November 3rd: Cheerleading interest meeting and conditioning-Room 602 3:45-5:30 pm; Football @ SGHS vs Welborn 5 pm; Roof Principal meeting--off campus all day

November 4th: Volleyball at Morehead/HPAC 4:45 pm vs Welborn; Boys Basketball Open gym 3:45-5:45 pm

November 8th: Volleyball/Soccer at Morehead/HPAC 5:00 pm vs Ferndale;

8th grade Q1 awards by team-more info to come Standard Cycle Teacher evaluation #1 due-

November 9th: 7th grade Q1 awards by team-more info to come; PLC's; Leadership Mtg afterschool;

November 10th: 6th grade Q1 awards by team-more info to come; Math 1 interim; AP mtg (1- am, 1-pm); Volleyball/Soccer @ SGMS 5 pm vs AJ Prep

November 11th: Veterans Day-NO SCHOOL

November 15th: NTN Coach; EC mtg

November 16th: PLC's; Staff meeting

November 17th: CF meeting;

November 18th: Attendance team virtual meeting 10 am; Picture make up's; PTO virtual meeting 6 pm--all staff are invited to be a part.

November 23rd: All abbreviated cycle observation #1 due

November 24th-26th: Thanksgiving holiday-NO SCHOOL

November 29th: Comprehensive cycle 2nd observation due

November 30th: Vertical/Content meetings 3:50 pm

Surveys for selected Math Classes the first week of November

SEL survey for all classes the 2nd or 3rd week of November more info to come

Staff member of the Month: Katie Nelson

Thank you for Creating a Culture of EXCEL-lence at SGMS!!!

  • Ms. Nelson is always willing to help. She makes sure that the things she s responsible for are done on time and done well. She is very good at encouraging those around her to make sure they get things done too. She has also been very supportive of the new tutoring program that the county is starting at the school.
  • Ms. Nelson is a team player who is always wiling to lend a helping hand. She is quick to enforce rules but with a nurturing and positive rapport with her students. She provides after hours/evening TEAM sessions to be available to her students and their families.

You've earned the Apple of Honor, lunch on me, an hour of time on an optional workday and a jeans pass.

Culture of EXCELLENCE Staff Member of the Month Nominations due by November 15th at 4:00 pm

Please Nominate a staff member that is daily showing others how to Fall in Love with Learning. It could be an amazing lesson, sharing a strategy, offering a teaching tip or other collaborative focused examples. Please nominate them by clicking the link below. We will recognize the next Staff member of the Month at our staff meeting on November 16th. The recipient will serve this honor for the month of December. Please don't forget to share a brief description of how they have exemplified a Fall into Love of Learning at SGMS which enhances our Culture of Excellence. All nominations will be recognized and the staff member with the most nominations will be our Staff member of the Month.

October-- National Bullying Prevention Month

As noted in last weeks newsletter please submit what you did to prioritize Bullying prevention in your class/school. Submit by Friday.

Shout out to Ms. Yakout for some great bullying prevention activities. Great share.

  • We watched a Dharr Mann video on bullying and overcoming bullying. If you're not familiar, Dharr Mann makes very wholesome videos on YouTube that have amassed over 5 billion views and they always have a clear message or theme - he calls them "so you see" moments. The kids LOVE them and beg me to watch them constantly so we picked one out of this playlist on students being bullied at school:
  • After that we worked on a Padlet together answering a few questions about the message of the video, their experiences in being bullied/witnessing bullying, and what our school might consider doing to stop bullying. We also had columns with more videos they could check out at a later time and a column on bullying resources targeted towards children. I am posting this Padlet to Canvas should they want to check back in on what their classmates have posted or view any of the resources as well. Here is the link to the Padlet:
  • You can make Padlets anonymous and require your approval before a post shows up for others. We had some really good discussions based on our collaboration and it gave me some guidance on where I need to go next from an instructional standpoint. I think they felt comfortable having some anonymity and they also liked seeing what their classmates posted and wanted to discuss more of it. Overall, I feel it went well!


--See custodial team if you need any Covid 19 materials (masks, sanitizer...)

--Submit yearbook pictures to Yakout

--Submit contributions to the weekly newsletter to Roof