Leo Beer

Marketing, 2015-2016

Umbrella Platform

The common direction for Leo Beer for 2015-2016 will be to capture the fact that Leo is what makes Thailand run; Thailand's "oil," in other words. While a 'new' brand for tourists and expats, it's the beer of the blue-collar, working class here in Thailand.

And this is what the new generation travelers desire; a local drink that tastes great. Tourists want a beer that they cannot get back home.

Visitors want an intense, hands on, memorable experience: LEO beer can deliver this.

If you really want to experience Thailand, drink a LEO.

In fact, you could say that "You Haven't Been to Thailand Until You've Had a LEO."

But much more than that, it will need to be covered in raw energy, sexy energy. While Singha will continue to play the role of a more sophisticated older brother, LEO is the more rebellious younger brother that Singha adores.

Activation Messages Under the "You Haven't Been to Thailand Until You've Had a LEO" Platform

Why "You Haven't Been to Thailand Until You've Had a LEO?"

For the tourists and expats into Thailand, they are coming for an adventure. They are aware of the challenges that Thailand has had in recent years and are not turned off by the challenges. In fact, quite the opposite, they are turned on by the chance of getting caught up in something; an experience.

Much like you haven't been to Vegas unless you get into some kind of trouble, the Umbrella Platform of "You Haven't Been to Thailand Until You've Had LEO" helps cover everything the brand stands for:

LOCAL & AUTHENTIC --these are the 2 most crucial points here.

Sexy -- LEO already has this with several of the sexy campaigns

Raw / Powerful -- lets people loose their inhibitions

Adventure -- people want to have a food item / drink item / adventure they can remember

Validity -- it forces visitors to Thailand to validate their experience here. We've all heard of the stories of visitors coming to Thailand and only eating at McDonalds. A valid argument could be made that these types of visitors haven't really been to Thailand.

A Bit of Danger -- the demographic LEO is after is seeking a little bit of danger when away from home; definitely risk taking.

The platform message is universal -- it applies to tourists, expats, men, women, and all demographics within the tourism spectrum.

Activation messages under the ""You Haven't Been to Thailand Until You've Had a LEO" platform

1.) Go Local. Drink Local.

2.) On the Prowl/ On the Prowl for a Thai Experience

3.) Grow Some Whiskers./ Drink Local and Grow Some Whiskers.

4.) Welcome to the Jungle

5.) LEO: The Authentic Thai experience

6.) LEO beer: Thailand's ambassador.

7.) The "Real" Thailand

8.) Hang on. This is Thailand.

9.) The Local Favorite.

10.) "Sexy" in Thai

11.) LEO is the Local Watering Hole.

12.) Thailand's Oil.

13.) No, not Red Fanta. Thais Drink LEO.

14.) LEO: The Local Currency

15.) Fun Times in a Bottle

16.) Sexy with Claws

16.) Thailand, Nice to Meet You