semester exam

Kameron Williams-Davis 1/13/16 grade 7


Cornell note-taking help me study for test and helped me understand the topic easier then just reading it from a text book. The trf help me because, if I needed extra help then I can get the help on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My organization needed a lot of help cause I was constantly losing things and would have to use my a piece of paper even though it was in my binder it was just to dirty to find it. Avid has helped me out a lot this semester and im happy for being in avid.


Nothing can beat the activities in avid, they were so fun and funny and it was great seeing everyone enjoying it. I learned a lot from the activities too, like what type of houses do my friends live in or what pet do they have. I learned what I really want to do with my life when I get older and what do I want to be and that was all through avid.


I also learned a little bit from the projects too. The topics that we had to do were entertaining at times and they were fun to do with or without friends. They were never time wasters they were something I liked doing, it was like a side hobby that I did every now and then. I just really enjoyed the projects in avid


I'm so glad I'm in avid cause through the journey of avid I have made some really cool friends since the beginning of avid. By moving tables or doing a activity and meeting and learning about a new friend overall avid has helped me out a bunch this semester.That's what helped me have confidence in to doing projects and meeting new people.
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Quick writes help my handwriting a little not to much. The quick writes helped cause they were random topics and you would never know when you would have one. This is preparing me to be ready for any question at any moment.
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Overall I think that avid was a very fun and interesting experience if I had to recommend it to someone a grade below me I would. I loved everything that we did this semester,I'm glad that I'm in avid