Cabeza de Vaca Essay

The amazing Cabeza de vaca

Cabeza de Vaca

Without a doubt Cabeza de Vaca is the most interesting person ever. He was an amazing Spanish explorer that had to go through many dangers and survived. There are many important dangers he faced. Armed strangers, Rio grande, and the Gulf coast mosquitoes were some of his dangers. I think the mosquitoes were the worst danger because mosquitoes were biting his whole body and killing him. How did this famous conquistador with stand the perils during the time he escaped captivity and searched for freedom? Cabeza de Vaca survived because he had great respect for the Native Americans, he was a successful healer, and he was able to survive in the wilderness.

It`s hard to believe but Cabeza de Vaca had big respect for the Native Americans. This amazing Spanish conquistador many challenges because he had great respect for the Native Americans. Cabeza really cared for the Native Americans and was angered that the Spanish were enslaving Native Americans. (doc d) The Spanish explorer showed respect for the Native Americans and in return, they helped him find a Spanish settlement because if Cabeza did not show respect for the Native Americans they wouldn't have tot him all those things like, catching food, hunting, or planning missions. (Doc D) Cabeza gave to the Native Americans and they trusted him. (Doc D) The shipwreck survivor befriended the Native Americans and became a trader for them. (Doc B) as you can see Cabea de Vaca had huge respect for the Native Americans.

You better believe that Cabeza de Vaca has amazing wilderness skills. Alvar Nunez had to use many wilderness skills. Akbar Nunez had to use many wilderness skills to survive. The shipwrecked survivor crossed the Rio Grande river with little food and water. (Doc A) A conquistador traveled on foot around the Sierra Madre Mountans in order to find a Spanish settlement. (Doc A) the head of cow survived by drinking water out of Hollowed out horse legs because that was the only sours to gather water. (DocB) Caneza de vaca a desert on foot during his trek across Texas and Mexico. (Doc A)All in all the castaway had wonderful wilderness skills.

Wouldn't you agree that Cabeza de Vaca had great success as a healer? The head of cow performed an operation in which he removed an arrow located above an Indian's heart. (Doc C) A Veterans reputation grew throughout the country as a healer , people treated him like a royalty or a God. (Doc C) The Indians that helped Cabeza captive trusted him and thought he was a great healer because they thought that Cabeza could cure the wounded Indians. (Doc C) The famous conquistador was trying to escape because it would be easier because many Indians looked up to him. (Doc C) In conclusion, now you know the Spaniards had magical healing powers.

To sum it up Cabeza de Vaca had to go through some tough situations.The conquistador had amazing talent like, having respect for the Native Americans, wilderness skills, and having great success as a healer. The head of cow had big respect for the Native Americans they taught him many things for survival. The castaway performed an operation on a Indian that got wounded above his heart.The Veteran was able to get through some dangers like, Gulf coast mosquitoes, Armed strangers,and the Rio grande river. Why was the Spanish Conquistador able to pull through many obstacles against him? the Spaniard survived because he cared for the Native Americans, had magical healing powers, and lived through the wilderness. Now I hope you are convinced that Cabeza is one interesting man.