All about dogs

this will tell you what you need about dogs and other stuff


"we were getting a puppy. We were driving to our moms friends house and then we arrived there. We went inside and there were lots of baby puppys. We picked the best one. Our mom let,cheyenne, hold him. He went under the blanket and said "aw,you poor little guy. Its ok. Its just rainin lucky were inside this car." She was so nice to him that he licked her face a little and then went back under the blanket and went to sleep." said carmen. Dogs are an awesome pet they don't only protect they make you feel safe i your home. If your allergic to dogs then i would get a cat then.

What you need to do

If your getting a dog you need to go to the store and buy a: leash and collar, water and food bowl, some dog toys ,dog food,and thats all you need. You need to get all that stuff first because you don't want it to chew all your important stuff. So buy all the stuff first.

This hurts

Dogs have to get a vaccination because its very important because you don't want your dog to have a disease and tear up the house and make it very very dirty, do you? ok so take your dog to the vet and get the vaccination.

What am i doing?

Dogs wag their tail because their happy and excited but if not then it means their sad,bored,mad,so make sure your dogs always happy. :)


If your that person that always yells: sit, speak, go away,and your dog wants to play with you, it loves you it wants you to spend time with them, go ahead love on it, it always will love you even if you yell at it, start playing with your dog quit yelling at it.

Learning new things

Dogs like to learn new things, but not to much, what you need to learn it is: sit, roll over, stand, fetch, and thats all it can do for its tricks, it can't speak and thats the only trick it can't do so just please don't teach it to speak cause it really can't.


Dogs hate cats and cats hate dogs, they hate each other because cats have always wanted to be a dog and dogs like the way they are they don't want to be cats or anything they love themselves, so they will never like cats

about the author

hi my name is cheyenne i have two cats one dog one pig I'm 10 years old and i have a younger sister named carmen my mom is 30 and my dad is 35 and my moms boyfriend is 34 and i loved dogs since i was young i would always say "mom can we get a dog,mom can we get a dog,mom can we get a dog" so we got a dog
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