Privacy and Security

By: Nathian Saucedo

Lock it up

Passwords should be really private. A password should have 6+ characters in it including number, letters (lowercase and uppercase) etc. An example of a good password is Music3265. Here are some examples of bad passwords are in the link below.

Don't fall for it!

Scams often get you to give all your information. They lead you to give your social security number and use it for their own use. The best way to avoid getting scammed is by noticing if they ask a lot of personal questions to you. If that happens then you ignore it and get off the tab.

Safe and sound

Don't share your personal information. Whenever you get the chance, always take the option to keep your account settings private so that people won't be getting up in your business.

"I Agree..."

When ever you get that agreement form for making an account, you usually skip through it and and just click agree Right? Well you should at least skim through it to make sure you know what your are agreeing to. Then if you like it then great and if you don't then don't use it.


If you don't want your images or videos being used or shared, you would have to get a copyright to keep people from using it without permission.