Tiger PAC

Principal Advisory Council

Every Wednesday during Channel One time. Meeting will start at 12:20.

If you wish to attend a meeting, sign up on the list by the office. Meetings will be held in Mr. Key's room so we can only accommodate 10 people per meeting plus student council members. If you have input on a particular topic, sign up to come share!

Tiger PAC Purpose

  • The Tiger PAC seeks to establish a strong relationship between students and administration

  • The group shares responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement as we work to make a great school even better

  • To communicate and to facilitate action toward solving school issues from the student perspective

  • To give a voice to the student body and clarify issues as they relate to AVHS

  • The student council collects concerns and feedback from the student body

Some upcoming topics:


Wednesday, April 29th, 12:15pm

Coach Key's room

We will be discussing alternative methods for distributing announcements and other information.

Pre-Enrollment Conference Improvements

Wednesday, March 25th, 12:15-12:30pm

Coach Key's Room

We will be talking about how Pre-enrollment conferences went and ways to improve them next year.

Course Offerings

Wednesday, March 18th, 12:15-12:30pm

Coach Key's room

We will be discussing different course offerings for upcoming school years.

Come and give your input!

Tiger PAC

Contact Mr. Beard or Mrs. Amelunke with questions or comments.