6th Grade Newsletter



In June we complete the 'Data About Us' unit. Students will design their own survey then analyze and present their data using the statistical tools they learned in this unit.

In our year-end project we will design, build, and play our own math board games using math concepts learned throughout the school year.


Students will finish working on poetry writing. Over the course of this unit, students have worked on analyzing different literary elements and drafting their very own poems. As a final project, students will create a portfolio of the poems they have analyzed and created.

Social Studies

In the month of June we will explore how the Mediterranean world was reshaped with the fall of the Roman Empire. Three distinict cultural regions developed: feudal Western Europe, the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic caliphates. These regions interact with each other and clashed over control of the holy lands.


In the month of June, students will continue to explore the human body. We will continue to look at the Respiratory System and the Circulatory System. To deeply explore the respiratory system, students will be building a model of a lung as they work collaboratively with partners. Students will then move into learning about the Circulatory System as they learn all the parts of the circulatory system. Lastly, students will be introduced to genetics and traits that are passed from parents to a child.

Upcoming Events

  • June 14 - Clerical Day (No Students)
  • June 28 - Last Day of School