School Guidance Counselor

For Walloon Middle School (Smore by Selena Garcia)


Your salary would begin at $54,950 but will be raised if you go far beyond requirements.

Degree Requirements:

Must have an advanced degree.

For ex.
  • Masters
  • Bachelors
  • PhD

Job Qualifications:

Must be able to:
  • Find a way to help each individual student cope with things
  • Have creative ways to help groups of students
  • Be able to make students feel comfortable with who they are
  • Be able to make students feel as if they are not being judged


  • Must have at least worked in two different schools for more then a year, or have been a private counselor for at least 2 years.
  • Must have 2 creditable references
  • A file with patients that you have treated that have had successful results (Does not require personal information etc.)

Job Tasks:

Will be needed to:
  • Help students cope with family deaths
  • Help student groups resolve issues
  • Help students prepare for their futures
  • and etc.
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Small informal application.