Charger Check-In

Thursday, September 5, 2019

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A Note from Ms. Owens

Hello Charger Families,

It's hard to believe that we're almost done with the first full week of September. Time is just flying! I'm looking forward to the arrival of fall - my personal favorite!

On Monday, September 9 (one day belated), we will celebrate Mary's birthday during both lunches. With our older students, we will offer a prayer to the Blessed Mother, and, with our younger students, we will sing her happy birthday! Students will receive pre-packaged vanilla frozen custard from Culver's. (if you have nutritional or allergen concerns, please see the note further down in this news letter.) Students will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary during religion.

Please be sure to double-check your K-8 student's gym shoes and socks to ensure they follow our school uniform policy.

  • Gym shoes may be black, red, white or gray or a combination of those colors. Shoes with any other color are not permitted.
  • Shoelaces are to be black, red, white or gray.
  • Socks may be white, gray, red or black or a combination of those colors and must come above the ankle.

Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18. Please be sure to check today's white envelope (or take home folder) for ordering information.

Next Thursday, families with students in 4th through 8th grades will be able to access ACT Aspire Summative scores. These are the scores from the tests that students took in the spring of 2019. The scores will be available via PowerSchool.

To make access a bit easier, a link to the Virtual White Envelope has been added to the Charger Check-In just above the Upcoming Events section.

Thank you for all you do to support the St. Catherine community! Have a great rest of the week!


Kristine Owens

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Nutritional/Allergen Concerns

As shared above, on Monday, we will be celebrating our Blessed Mother's birthday with frozen vanilla custard from Culver's. If your child requires an alternative treat due to dietary restrictions/food allergies and you have not had communication with the school regarding this Monday, please email Kristine Owens by 8 AM on Friday and include "alternative treat" in the subject line.

Picture Day

Picture Day for all students is Wednesday, September 18. Ordering information with an attached envelope was sent home today (Thursday). You can order online by clicking on the button below and using our school code: EVTSGXTZJ.

If you do not order online, your child must give the completed envelope with exact payment to the photographer on Picture Day.

Tuesday Hot Lunch Ordering

Ordering for Tuesday Hot Lunch opened on September 3rd. The first hot lunch will be served on Tuesday, September 17th, and we are excited to share that McDonald's has been added to our line up this year. In fact, they will be serving our very first hot lunch!

All families need to update their students' profile with their new classroom to ensure that lunches are delivered at the proper time and to the proper classroom table.

Queen of Hearts Raffle

Queen of Hearts is rolling over. After the first week, the pot is $22,345!

This week, if you buy $20 worth of tickets, you'll be entered in a drawing for a $250 Amazon gift card. You can get more details by clicking on the banner just below. Keep buying those tickets!

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Church Renovation Update

Abatement work has gone a bit longer than expected. We anticipate the crew being out of the church by this weekend. The next steps in the renovation will involve prepping the church floor for the new carpeting and tile. The prep work will create dust, so the doors between the church and the vestibule will be covered and we won't be using the HVAC system. Let's keep our fingers crossed and send some prayers that the moderate temperatures continue to cooperate!

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 7

  • Charger Crawl

Tuesday, September 10

  • School Board Meeting in Fr. Lion Center at 7 PM

Thursday, September 12

  • Band begins

Friday, September 13

  • All-School Liturgy

Sunday, September 14

  • Anointing Mass for the Sick at 4 PM

Tuesday, September 17

  • Hot Lunch begins - McDonald's
  • Athletic Board Meeting

Wednesday, September 18

  • Picture Day

Thursday, September 19

  • Tuition Exclusion

Friday, September 20

  • All-School Liturgy
  • Pep Rally at 1:30 PM

Sunday, September 22

  • Pigskin Classic

Monday, September 23

  • Regular uniforms begin

Tuesday, September 24

  • 7th Grade Confirmation Meeting at 7 PM

Thursday, September 26

  • Dress Down to Fight Pediatric Cancer

Friday, September 27

  • All-School Liturgy

Sunday, September 29

  • 6th Grade Family Mass - Bible Presentation at 9 AM