Nikola Tesla

By Emerson

Birth & Family

Nikola had a brother named Dane,sister named Milka,Angelina,and Marcia. He was born on July 10th.He was born in Europe 1856.
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Childhood & Education

When he was 5 he made a thing to study the water. When he was 9 he made a windmill. He studied them both and both like a spell.
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College & Career

In 1881 he was Draftsman. Then in 1880 he was chef. Then in 1882 he worked for Thomas Edison.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Nikola Tesla would find a way to hardness the power of alternating current. He made phones,i pads,computers,and radios and lots more.He was a great man. He was a engineer.
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Why I think he is a leader

He made the most useful things like phones,i pads,computers. Without him I would not know this information.