Filling Out Your 1040EZ

Read This to Learn How to Fill Out Your 1040EZ

Your taxes need to be filed and sent in by April 15th, and you need your W-2 and W-4 forms to fill this out. You will also need the tax table chart.


Payments, Credits, and Tax

Lines 11-12

For line 11, you must know if you get healthcare. Johnson gets full-year coverage for health care, so he doesn't pay anything. To get line 12 you must add lines 10 and 11. Johnson would put the amount 3,285 for line 12 as seen above.

Refund and Amount You Owe

Based off of lines 9 and 12 you can figure out if you get a refund or if you owe anything. If line 9 is bigger then you will get a refund, but if line 12 is bigger, you will owe money. Arnold Johnson's line 12 was bigger, so he ended up owing money. He ended up owing $939.78. Above is what the finished form should look like.