Color Blindness

Color blindness in a genetic disorder.

Have you ever been to a eye doctor and they show you pictures like the one to the right. Well that is what they use to test and see if you have signs of color blindness.

Did you know?

Did you know that is you have color blindness you can see colors but you have a hard time or struggle picking the different colors out from each other.

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Symptoms, treatments, and cures


Symptoms of color blindness:

1) seeing colors that are distorted

2)Unable to see different shades of the same color

3) rapid eye movement (in the more rare cases)

Treatments and cures

There is currently no cures or treatments for colorblindness. However colorblindness is easy to adapt too and this is one of the ways to live with this.
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Rarity of this disease.

This doesn't affect your life expectancy. This is about 1-12 in males and 1-100 in females. More likely in males that females. Usually passed down from one of your parents.