Description of the job

What do they do?

An engineer is a practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical, societal and commercial problems. Engineers design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.

Main Types of Engineering

Engineer Degree

An engineer's degree is an advanced academic degree in engineering that is conferred in Europe, some countries of Latin America, and a few institutions in the United States. In Europe, the engineer degree is ranked at the same academic level as a master's degree, and is often known literally as an "engineer diploma" (abbreviated Dipl.-Ing. or DI). In some countries of Latin America and the United States, the engineer's degree can be studied after the completion of a master's degree and is usually considered higher than the master's degree but below the doctorate in engineering (abbreviated dr-ing) in Europe. In other countries of Latin America, there is no proper engineer's degree, but the title of Engineer is used for 4 year bachelor's graduates.