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The Bear Facts!

October 2, 2020

Dear Clinton Families,

On Monday you will receive via email your child's Fall, Habits for Success. Habits for Sucess focuses on skills related to social routines that are necessary for successful student development and progress throughout the year. If you have any questions regarding your child's performance, please contact their teachers.

Please stay well. Until we return to the physical building, we remain #Clintonstrong2020!

Fondly, Jennifer Connors, Principal & Zoila Correa, Assistant Principal

Evidence Based Reading Program

A feature from: Bebe Greenberg, Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist

E.B.R. (Evidence Based Reading) is a Special Education funded program district wide, focusing on word features. Each school has an E.B.R. instructor. All are trained in Orton Gillingham, Wilson or LindaMood Bell.

Here, at Clinton, I am the instructor. Trained in the Orton Gillingham method of structured literacy, my groups are 1- 4 students throughout the day. Each group is grade level and skill level appropriate. Each group has some reading deficit that is addressed. Through our ½ hour sessions, 5 days per week, we read, and reread word lists and uses in reading passages. New patterns are introduced and practiced, as well as spelling/reading rules are taught. For example: Do you know why some words are spelled –dge, and some –ge? This is because when there is a short vowel right before the /j/ sound, it is spelled with the –dge ending. If there is a consonant or r controlled letters before the /j/sound, it is –ge. BARGE, EDGE. The d acts as a “vowel protector”. Many students may not be able to state the rule, but know how to read the words – which is the goal of recognizing, reading and creating meaning around words.

Each feature has an index card with how to pronounce, its meaning and uses, as well as an example of its use. Students review these index cards daily. Features such as vowel teams (oo, ai, ay,io,oy, oa, ue) “bossy r” (ar, er, or) prefixes (pre-, re-, sub-, ex-, com- ) and suffixes (-ed, ing, -est, -al,-able/-ible) are explicitly taught. Using a variety of modalities – such as trace and say, breaking words apart into syllables using tiles, offer students a variety of ways to learn and remember our very complex reading language. Students are assessed every 6 weeks, for me to know what is being remembered and able to be used, and what the student needs more practice with. New features are taught, and previous teachings are reviewed each session, with Fridays being “Game Day” – where reading patterns are incorporated into games, like Go Fish, and Chutes and Ladders.

It is important to note that not all students need this level of direct, focused, explicit instruction. Through reading, Wilson Fundations, UOS Phonics and Word Study, students are practicing recognizing features in their classrooms. A shout out to my colleagues in classrooms, who are always supportive and flexible, the Child Study Team and the administration who are encouraging and thoughtful.

Online Library Open 24/7

Clinton families... we are excited to announce that Clinton Elementary School's virtual library through MackinVIA is a huge success. We currently have over 2,200 titles to choose from. Students can access it from their Canvas courses or via the MackinVIA app.
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