Boston Tea Party

Revolutionary War By Bryce Shea


The people that were involved in the Boston Tea Party were the Patriots and the British. There was about 70 Patriots involved. The sons and Daughters of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and aborded the Boston Harbor. Son and Daughters of Liberty dumped 300 chests of them in the harbor. The Patriots had to pay for the tea.


The Boston Tea Party was when the British taxed the Colonist so much that they dumped tea in the harbor. And the British got mad at the Colonist and


The Boston Tea Party Happened in the winter of December 13,1773 in the american colonies in Massachusetts.


The Boston Tea Party happened in the colonies in Massachusetts on the harbor. When the Colonist dumped the tea they where on a ship. The ship that they were on was owned by the British.


The Boston Tea Party was started because the british were taxing the colonist so much on tea. They taxed them so much on tea because they had fought a war against France. Colonist got mad and when a ship on tea came to the harbor the dumper over 300 chests of tea in the harbor. The tea that the colonist dumped was brought to them by the British.

other facts

Massachusetts governor was loyal to the british. He also allowed the ships to enter and unload there cargo. The Boston Tea Party was 3 years before the revolutionary war started. The Boston Tea Party was one of the events the lead to the Revolutionary war. The British had to sail over 3000 miles to get to the colonies.
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The story behind the Boston Tea Party - Ben Labaree


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