January 8th, 2013

Catching Up with Castro's Class

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that everyone is adjusting back to school well (even with the delays!). In this newsletter you will find information about what we are learning in class, pictures of us in the classroom, student expectations for the next few weeks and events going on around LMES.

Please check out my technology tab on my classroom website. Under this tab you can find projects the kids are doing in class. They work really hard on them and get so excited when they people are looking at them.



Victoria Castro

Reading and Writing

Reading- At the beginning of this week we started learning about how to ask "deep" questions about fictional stories that we are reading. In the classroom the students read a story as a class and I pose a question to them that cannot be answered with a "right or wrong" answer. Instead, they must form an opinion and use text evidence to support their answer.

In the future the students will create their own "deep" questions and have group discussions on their answers and thoughts.

Reading Goals- Please make sure that your student is reading at home and working towards their reading goal. They should be bringing home their blue folder every night to keep track of the books they read and the strategy they are working on.

Below I am listing what should be completed by Friday depending on the strategy your student is working on.

STP (STOP, THINK, PARAPHRASE)- 10 chapters paraphrased

Making Predictions- week 1 and week 2 filled out completely

Making Inferences- week 1 week 2 filled out completely

Character Mapping- 3 complete character sheets

"Thinking" while reading- week 1 and 2 filled out completely

Stems and Grammar- Our FINAL stems test is on Friday. Students should be studying throughout the week. The test will cover ALL stems they have learned. After stems we begin learning about grammar!

Writing- We are starting our narrative unit this week. Students will be learning how to create a story with descriptive details and a clear order of events. We'll also learn how to add dialogue to our stories!


We will be finishing up multiplication and division next week and having a test. After next week we will be beginning FRACTIONS. The concept of fractions can be difficult for many kids so please let me know if you notice your child have difficulty at home with the homework.

Timed Quizzes- Today we will be taking our 12's quiz and then we have officially gone through all of the quizzes for 1-12! Starting next week we will have mixed multiplication quizzes. If a student gets an A on a mixed quiz I let them skip the following week's quiz.

Science and Social Studies

Science- We have begun our sound unit and should finish up in the next couple weeks. During this unit the students will do many hands on activities with instruments to learn about pitch and volume. Once we have finished learning about sound my homeroom will start going to Mrs. Kyzer for Science. A letter will come home in red folders explaining the change.

Social Studies- This week we started our Revolutionary War unit. This unit is VERY exciting and interesting to the students, but also has a lot of information to cover. I recommend reviewing notes with your child at home whenever you have a chance. Their notes are in the SC History section of their expandable or you can look through the Social Studies book.

Time Travelers- Last Friday we had our TIME TRAVELERS day where the students traveled back in time to the Revolutionary War days. Each third grade teacher taught a different aspect of the Revolutionary War and the students rotated between classrooms. Ask your child about the different costumes and activities and check out the pictures below!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: I have given the students an extra credit opportunity for Social Studies. They have 3 worksheets that can be completed and turned in for an extra quiz grade. The sheets are due Monday.

Around LMES....

El mercado LMES - 2014 is right around the corner! Click the link below to read how you can help.


Dates to Remember...

January 13th- My math class takes MAP testing

January 20th- MLK Jr. Day, No School

January 21st- Student Holiday

January 24th- Report Cards go Home