Teach to Lead

#MichED chat December 20th, 2017

Chat Questions

#1 What do you envision teacher leadership looking like in your school or district?

#2 What was the best professional learning you have ever received/participated in and why?

#3 If you could work on a innovative idea to improve education what would it be and who would you partner with?

#4 What is the value of strategic partnerships (beyond K12) with education and what are some examples you have seen?

#5 Who could you reach out to in your community to partner with?

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Heather Gauck - Co-moderator

K-4 Sped resource 23 yrs. Grew up in Alaska now MI. Technology! Lead Fellow America Achieves; PBS Innovator,TeachStrong Ambassador- Finalist for USDOE TAF, NBCT

Matt McCullough

Husband, Father, Life-Long Learner, Director of Innovation, @MIEdVoiceFellow, Teacher Champion, #MichEd Fan, & Techie, who loves challenges & helping others.

Kelley Cusmano - Co-Moderator

HS ELA & Leadership. MASC Adviser of the Year 2017. ASCD Emerging Leader '16. TLI Fellow. @AmericaAchieves. @StudentSuccess. Twin of @sarahyogidds. Mom of 2!