ELA Update

Week 33

Poetry Out Loud Classroom Competitions THIS WEEK!

Students will be reciting their chosen poems in front of their class starting Wednesday! Ask your child to recite his/her poem for you; I'm sure you will be impressed! The winner from each class period will move on to the grade level competition, which will be on May 13th. The school-level competition will be on May 20th.

Pizza Party for AR Super Stars!

On May 15th, I am inviting students who have earned 100+ AR points this year to pizza party during their lunch period! I really appreciate all of the parents, who I know helped my students reach their AR goals through reading at home!

Please Return My Books!

As the end of the year approaches, I am am trying to collect any books that came from my personal classroom library. These books should have a yellow and black sticker with my name on it adhered to the cover.

Donate Your Old Books!

Each year, I lose almost 100 books from my classroom library! If you have ANY books at home that you no longer need/want, please send them my way! I will give a prize to all kids who bring in books. Due to the huge reading level differences among students in 6th grade, pretty much all levels of books are welcomed. Thank you in advance!

Coming Soon...

Students will begin working on a project this week. They can choose to work with a partner, or independently. They will be writing a fable, illustrating it, and presenting it to their class.