Dating Violence

You're Never Alone


400,000 U.S adolescents have been victims of dating violence at least once.

Dating Violence includes anything from physical abuse to emotional abuse to sexual abuse.

60% of people who grew up around violence tends to repeat the behavior.

Effects on Teen

If you or someone you know are effected by dating violence, the effects can be deadly.

Short term effects include bruises, fear, isolation also less focus in school/at work. There is also a higher rate, that you may drop out of school.

Long Term effects include depression, trauma, obesity, trust issues, even pregnancy. Teens will often be in denial when they are in an abusive relationship. They feel like their partner will change for the better, and so they get pregnant hoping to change the person and/or keep the other around. And it works the other way around. The abusive person may want to keep the victim around so they get them pregnant or get themselves pregnant so they can never leave.


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