Twist and Multiply

By:Meghan Mccobb and Leah Kirby

3 or more players

The Object Of The Game

Try to shout out the answer of the multiplication sentence in 1 min or less before your component!

How To Start

Lay out the Twist and Multiply mat. Pick 2 players to start on the mat. The extra player will spin.

How To Play

Step 1: Spin the spinner and what ever number, color, and body part in lands on the spinner will say it out loud. Then spin it agian and do the same thing.

Step 2: The players on the twist an multiply mat will put there body part on the color and number they call out.

Step 3: Try to shout out the multiplcatian product in 1 miniute or less before your component. To know when it is 1 minute use the timer in the box.

Step 4: When the round is over who ever wins stays on the twist and multiply mat an gets one point. One of the extra player or spinner will go up against the winner of the last round and when 1 person gets 10 points first will win.