How to :

Learn the daily tasks of a sales associate at Roots 73!

Learn the activities done by a Roots Employee

Selling products, sizing and arranging clothes are daily tasks of an associate at Roots Heartland. These activities are done everyday and they must be done for the store to look 'shop-able'. Knowing how to do these tasks well are crucial for being a great employee!

What time?

Arrive at Roots Heartland at 1:00 pm

Tuesday May 24th


  1. Check if we have all the sizes needed to be displayed on the sales floor
  2. Size all the items from smallest to largest
  3. Fold the items as they are supposed to be
  4. Make sure the clothing looks neat and organized


We will need :

  • Hangers (Top and bottom)
  • Security Tags
  • Folding Table
  • Folding board (Men, Women, Children and babies)