Earth Day

By.Yagaira Gonzalez

Information about the Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis shrimp is also known as stomatopods they are marine crustaceans. They usually reached 30 centimeters in length. Mantis shrimp are brightly colored. Most of the species are covered with different hues of blue, green, red, and orange colors. The Mantis eyes are located on the long stalks that can move independently. Mantis have exceptional eyesight that is used both for the detections of the prey and predators.

My Questions

~ I think i might of been chosen this animal because its brights and I like being around bright people.People who are always happy and all.

~Analyze your footprint: Basically my footprint is showing how i live but in a pie chart or diagram whatever its called.

~What are your largest categories: First its Services then shelter those are two of my largest categories.

~What are 3 things that could help me improve my ecological footprint.

*One thing i could do is recycle more often. Not be wasting so many things instead i could recycle.

*Another thing is not waste as much electricity. That very important to not waste as much electricity.

*Last thing could be not eat as much junk food maybe eat more healthy. Eat more fruits and all that healthy stuff.