Kinder Soaps Product List

A quick overview of our wares


All our soaps are made carefully by hand using a blend of vegetable and nut oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, clays and various other natural additives. We aim to soothe, comfort and rehabilitate skin which may not feel or look its best by sticking to using all-natural ingredients and avoiding the use of preservatives and artificial fragrances.

Recommended Retail Price RM20

Wholesale Price RM12 (minimum order quantity of 30 bars, any combination of soap)


These are 100% oil blends which are a great alternative to cream-based moisturizers. They are easily absorbed into the skin, do not feel greasy if not applied in excess, and provide longer-lasting moisturization once you're out of the shower.

Recommended Retail Price RM65 (100ml) and RM20 (10ml)

Wholesale Price RM39 (100ml - MOQ 10 bottles of any variety) and RM12 (10ml - MOQ 20 bottles of any variety)


An optional but very rewarding step in one's skincare regime! Ground organic adzuki beans and oats serve as the base for our body polishes, which are also mild enough to be used on the face. Then we add clays, carrier oils and essential oils to pamper your skin even more. Each application leaves your skin feeling surprisingly soft, smooth and moisturized. May be used once or twice a week.

Recommended Retail Price RM35

Wholesale Price RM21 (MOQ 10 bottles any variety)

Double Duty Balm

Recommended Retail Price RM35

Wholesale Price RM21 (MOQ 10 tubes)