Middle School Math Resources

Math resources to help you support your child.

How to Help Your Child With Math At Home

There may be times where helping your child with math at home is a struggle. There are many online resources available to help support your child at home. Below, you will find links to various websites that can be used to search for videos that may help you or your child understand a specific concept.

6th Grade End of Year Math Concepts

  • Graphing from a table
  • Interpreting data from graphs and tables
  • Solving one step equations
  • Rational Numbers on a Number Line
  • Graphing on a coordinate plane (all 4 quadrants)
  • Writing, reading and evaluating expressions
  • Equivalent expressions
  • Area of triangles
  • Volume of right rectangular prisms
  • Mean, median, mode and range
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Stem and leaf plots
  • Histograms

7th Grade End of Year Math Concepts

  • Solving one-step equations
  • Solving two-step equations
  • Solving multi-step equations
  • Solving inequalities
  • Constructing triangles
  • Cross sections of three dimensional figures
  • Area of a circle
  • Circumference of a circle
  • Angles (supplementary, complementary, adjacent, vertical)
  • Area, volume and surface area
  • Random sampling
  • Probability

8th Grade End of Year Math Concepts

  • Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing
  • Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution
  • Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination
  • Transformations: Rotations
  • Transformations: Reflections
  • Transformations: Translations
  • Transformations: Dilation
  • Similar figures
  • Pythagorean Theorem

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