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A List of SEO Strategies to Bring Your Website on the Top

Search Engine Optimization is broadly classified into two types: On-page and Off-page. On page involves the use of various techniques that will be used on your website to enhance its visibility. Off page optimization involves the use of techniques like blog posting and social bookmarking as well. Following are some of the excellent and diversified facilities offered by the SEO services in enhancing the ranks of any Ecommerce website.

Creating a community on the social networking websites

This process also counts for the online reputation management. Building an online reputation is the primary thing that will add a spark to your website. Create your own business profile on the social websites like Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. This is a great way to expand the realm of your business and reach out to huge crowd of people at a time. By showing an active participation, your website will rise from the low lying areas and reach to the pinnacle in a jiffy.


Blogging is the most powerful means of promoting the business on the internet. Write a unique content that speaks about the exquisite services that your company offers to all the customers. Be precise and extremely cautious while conveying the message to the customers. This way, you will be able to bag lots of credit from the customers and increase the traffic to your website as well.

Social Bookmarking

This is another exceptional way to promote the services that are offered by your business. Since the websites have to be updated regularly, be sure to write unique contents and post them in famous sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Propeller. This may increase the traffic on your website in an outstanding way.

Cross Linking

Link your various webpages within your site. This increases your site’s popularity on the basis of internal link building. This can be counted as an imperative factor of Google Page Rank Algorithm. Get hold of interactive links from various websites and use them in your contents in the form of anchor texts. This will add some weight to your website from the search engine point of view.

Photo Sharing

Share or publish your products and make them publicly accessible. Let your friends comment on every picture; which will help in driving the traffic towards the website. Use photo sharing sites like Photo Bucket, Picasa and Flickr.

Business Reviews

Write the reviews about your business or rely on your friends for writing specific reviews of your business. Mention them on the sites like Shvoong, Stylefeeder and RateitAll.

Article Submission

Submit attractive and unique articles that you have written on various websites which allows free submission. Gaining traffic through this process is a bit slower but your website will eventually get hold of a little traffic in the end.

Press release promotion

Many PR websites out there help you in posting the press releases in the Google news. Use them to generate huge amount of traffic towards your website. When in need of an excellent and cost effective services, rely on Ecommerce SEO services.

Question and Answers

Answer the specific questions that relate to the services offered by your business. By being active on Yahoo answers, the Best Ecommerce SEO agency will help in creating your niche in the online world.