Genetically Modified Salmon

AquaAdvantage Salmon

How is Salmon genetically modified?

AquaAdvantage Salmon is the trade name for a genetically modified Atlantic Salmon developed by AquaBounty technology. A growth hormone-regulating gene from a Pacific Chinook salmon and a promotor from an ocean were added to the Atlantic's 40,000 genes.

What is the purpose for the creation of the organism?

The purpose for genetically modified Salmon is for growth. The salmon grow larger and much faster then a normal salmon when given the growth hormone. That leads to more salmon sales for businesses.

What are the advantages of the organism to society and the environment?

There are not many advantages for the environment applying growth hormones to salmons. It does have a impact on society because the fish grow much faster there will be more fish available at all times.

What are the risks of the organism to society and the environment?

Some concerns are that the fish may escape from captivity and breed with wild salmon. That would outcompete natural salmon for natural resources. Some scientists say aqua salmon cant live with low food supply.