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Suncorp Stadium Event Staff Newsletter - 4th Edition


Paul Delugar Farewell Message - Suncorp Stadium


For the next two editions of ‘Toolbox Talk’ will focus on communicating with our guests:

The importance of 'EMPATHY' when interacting with our guests

Communicating with our patrons is the single most important aspect of your role here at Suncorp Stadium. Whilst there are many elements to effective communication, we believe the cornerstone of all good communication starts with EMPATHY, which is simply defined as “to feel and see as others do.”

Is EMPATHY the same as SYMPATHY? No, it is not. Sympathy is when you feel bad for someone. The phrase, “I’m sorry that happened to you,” is an example of sympathy.

EMPATHY on the other hand is the process of putting yourself in the place of the other person and trying to see the situation from their point-of-view. Many people use the phrase “to stand in their shoes” as a way to explain the concept of empathy.

We use EMPATHY because it is one of the fastest ways to try and communicate in a way that is POSITIVE, HELPFUL and RESPECTFUL and when you show deep EMPATHY toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you get more creative in solving problems.

Being EMPATHETIC to someone’s situation does not come easy to all of us – it takes effort. But there is a systematic way to create EMPATHY that considers the use of visual and verbal cues when interacting with our guests:

  • MOOD: What kind of emotional state does the person appear to be in? Are they upbeat, happy, upset, angry, frustrated, afraid?

  • WORDS: What are the words they are using to communicate? Use your listening skills to understand what the other person is saying. Do you clearly understand what the person is trying to communicate?

  • ACTIONS: What is the person doing? Are they calm or are they acting aggressively? Watch closely and observe the person’s behaviour.

The important thing to remember is that our guests will experience a wide range of emotional states of mind while at the venue and those emotional states can change many times and rapidly.

When you are engaging in an interaction with a guest, you need to try and use your EMPATHY skills so that you can best understand the emotional state of the guest and you can then best determine how to interact with them.

Remember to use the cues of MOOD, WORDS and ACTIONS as you prepare for your interaction with a guest.

The key to applying EMPATHY is to approach these situations with an understanding of the perspective of the guest (and not just your view on the situation).

In the next edition of the Muster Room, we will focus our Toolbox talk on ‘phrases that win the day’ and will provide you with some useful tips on interacting with our guests in a way that is POSITIVE, HELPFUL and RESPECTFUL.


On Friday 3 July 2015, Q-Masters hosted the annual Suncorp Stadium staff social function for the second year running in a friendly competition and social setting. With participant numbers up more than double this year (upwards of 80 pax), it was great to see so many people from various departments – AEG permanents, casual event staff and venue presentation battling it out. We even had representation from CAP Security and Spotless which was fantastic to see.

I think everyone there would agree that the highlight of the night was seeing long term staff member, Bruce Camplin, sink the winning ball to take out the title of 2015 winner along with his partner James Bell. Runners up on the night were Dave Paget and Kevin Reynolds. Last year’s winners Paul Delugar and Judy Raper were knocked out in the play offs but were gracious in defeat.

The event was again a huge success and with the level of interest generated, we might need to find a bigger venue next year!!

Thanks again for those who participated in what was a great night had by all.


We recently ran a series of staff tours which provided our event staff (and their loved ones) with an opportunity to access areas of the stadium that they wouldn’t ordinarily have a chance to see on game days.

The level of participation well and truly exceeded our expectations with in excess of 300 attendees across the four days.

The feedback received from those who attended has been extremely positive and we would like to acknowledge the efforts of our fabulous tour guides, Graham Webb, Ross Perry, Julie Clahsen, Geoff Moor and Ross Webber, who gave up their time to share their knowledge and passion for the Stadium.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, stay tuned for some more staff tour dates in early 2016.


As most of you are aware, we recently undertook a recruitment for Casual Event Day Staff with over 200 applications received for this intake. In keeping with our high standards of world class staff only 42 positions were offered.

Training day for these new staff was Saturday, 29 August, with their first event day shift on Thursday, 3 September. It was great to walk around and observe these new staff in position during the shift and see the excitement and enthusiasm they all displayed, something that was reiterated to me by Supervisors and Stand Managers. I was also pleased and proud to see our existing staff members mentoring and guiding these trainees. Several took the time to email me with feedback on how their trainee performed – all was extremely positive and complimentary.

So a big welcome to our newest team members! We look forward to working with and getting to know you all.

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Ed Sheeran - 28 November 2015

Ed Sheeran will be returning to our beautiful country and playing for the first time at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday, 28 November 2015.

Becoming the first ever musician to perform an Australian and New Zealand stadium tour entirely solo, every single sound on stage will be produced by Eds voice, guitar and a series of loop pedals, filling the stadium with hypnotising layers of sound.

Taylor Swift - 5 December 2015

Fresh from selling four million copies worldwide of her latest album 1989, global superstar Taylor Swift returns to Suncorp Stadium for the second time on Saturday, 5 December 2015, playing with special guest Vance Joy.

Taylor Swift will be the first female solo artist to play stadiums on back-to-back Australian tours, following the hugely successful The Red Tour of summer 2013, which garnered high praise from fans and critics alike and created an incredible atmosphere here at the Stadium.

Both concerts are on track to be sold out with only a few soon to be released side view seats available.

The 1989 World Tour™ Stage Creation


NRL Telstra Premiership Qualifying Final - Brisbane Broncos v North Qld Cowboys

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 7:45pm

40 Castlemaine St

Milton, QLD