With Gratitude

December 1st, 2021

We are filled with immense gratitude as we return from this break. Each and everyday our student services team leans in to wrap around student needs. The care and perseverance that each staff member takes to center in our students, to lift their voices and to continue to strive for the best schools for our students is admirable. The couple of weeks prior to this break exemplified the deep work that you do.

Our Social Workers facilitated a three day Flight Team training the week prior to break. The depth of expertise and compassion from this team, coupled with their leadership is humbling. They were able to train a group of School Psychologists and School Counselors to join a group of previously trained staff to be prepared to respond and wrap around our students, staff and community in some of our most difficult moments. We are thankful for the level of grace that this team facilitated this training, allowing all participants strong access points and meaningful experiences.

On Monday last week our SLPs, Motor Team, and Nurses came together to calibrate, learn and grow in supporting the complex work of safe feeding for students from two national presenters. This particular task requires the convalescence of professional expertise from our SLPs, OTs, PTs and Nurses. Your capacity to collaborate and bring your voices and expertise forward as interdisciplinary teams is beyond foundational for our students. We are thankful for your expertise and shared planning to support our students and families.

On Tuesday our Counselors and Principals came together for a full day of learning and alignment with the American School Counseling Association. It was a great day of reflecting on the incredible work that our school counselors are doing and creating shared belief, mission and vision. We are thankful to have school counselors with such passion, knowledge and commitment to our students.

This past week our Learning Specialists shared in collaborative professional learning in their buildings. You continued to lean into completing paperwork for our December Count, drafting meaningful progress notes, collaborating with your colleagues and families. We are thankful to have a group of dedicated professionals in close partnership for our students.

We are thankful for you! You are so much stronger together. Thank you to our YTP specialists, health assistants, paraeducarors, learning specialists, school counselors, SLPs, OTs, PTs, Nurses, Social Workers, school psychologists and Instructional Coordinators. You lift this work in such beautiful ways. It is with such gratitude that we lean into this work, that we center in our students and that we work together. Thank you for being the educator that you are.

Big picture

Shared Professional Learning

We want to share a brief update on some of our shared professional learning and opportunities to come together to share in this work.

Cycles of Inquiry ~ Inclusive Schools Leadership

We miss this work and are hoping to bring this work back in meaningful and important ways. We have been trying to work on logistical consideration that allow staff to stay in their buildings during these times that we know it is so difficult to be out. We are working on some creative solutions that may look and feel a bit different, but allow for staff to come together without impacting the school day. Stay tuned!

Supporting Recovery Services & Accessing Extra Hours

Thank you to those that have already expressed interest in supporting this great work for students!

We are planning for Recovery Services and we want to recruit you! We are recruiting paraedcuators for after school opportunities 1-2 times per week during the school year AND we are recruiting - Paraedcuators, learning specialists, Motor Team, SLPs, ICs - for a robust summer program. If you are potentially interested in supporting the summer program, let us know and we will keep you in the loop. Indicating yes is not a commitment, but a potential interest! Click on this link or the form below to express interest!

You represent the expertise, care, and compassion to create beautiful learning communities. Thank you for all that you do.
Click Here for Student Services School Year Guidance

Templates for Sped Actions have been added. These are intended to be a support In drafting a teams' PWN and will benefit from being Individualized to the discussion, agreements, and disagreements of the team.

Documenting Recovery Services Discussions

When supporting and discussing recovery services, please document this important conversation. There are three ways that we document the conversation:

  1. On our Special Factors Page.
  2. In the Meeting Notes (Here are some sentence frames)
  3. By Special Education Action. (Here are some templates)

If you need support with drafting a special education action, please reach out to your IC, Stephanie, Allison or Lauren.

Upcoming Meetings

  • December 1st: Nursing Team Meeting @ 8:00 in the Boardroom
  • December 1st: Motor Team Meeting @ 8:00 Virtual
  • December 7th: YTP Team Meeting @ 10:30 Virtual
  • December 8th: School Counselors @ 8:00 in the Boardroom
  • December 9th: Social Workers Team Meeting @ 12:00
  • December 14th: SLP Team Meeting @ 1:00 in the Boardroom
  • December 15th: Nursing Team Meeting @ 8:00 in the Boardroom
  • December 16th: Eval Team @ 11:30 in the Boardroom