Coffee Plant

By Brody Larson

Coffe plant and picture

The plant grows in warm climates. It is like a berry bush. They dry the coffee bean out and it looks like the type of beans you get in a coffee can.

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How and where is it grown

The plant is grown in warm climates. There is more than 100,000 small coffee farms in Mexico.

How they are harvested

When the cherries on the coffee plant turn ripe, they are harvested by being stripped from the plant. They fall onto a large sheet, and they are tossed into the air, which separates the cherries from the plant stuff, which is carried away by the wind. The coffee cherries must be processed fast after being harvested. There are two ways of processing coffee: wet and dry. The wet method of processing coffee happens within 24 hours of picking the cherries. The pulp is removed from the cherries on a machine, and the skin and pulp is washed away. During the dry method of processing coffee, the cherries are laid in the sun until they dry and you can hear the beans shaking inside. The shells are crushed, and the beans are removed.

Pest problems

Ants gather around the tree and eat the berries. Also mold can grown around the stump of the tree. You can prevent it by putting certain pesticides on it. Which makes the berries not taste good to the ants.

Uses of the coffee plant

They make coffee out of the plant. Which is very popular in the United States.