Girl, Stolen

Kailey Sikora


The theme of my book is doing the right thing always pays off in the end . In my book Griffin (one of the kidnappers) has to make the choice between betraying his father and giving Cheyenne back or killing Cheyenne. To know what happened you have to read the book.

Griffin (character 2)

Griffin is the kidnapper in the book. But he didn't mean to kidnap Cheyenne and he wants to give her back but his heartless father and his two friends stand in the way. Griffin is Cheyennes age and begins to really like Cheyenne as the book goes on. I think Griffin is a great character in the book. And the bookwouldn't be the same without him.


16 year old Cheyenne is in the car waiting for her step mom to return with a prescription when the car is stolen with Cheyenne in the back seat. Before Cheyenne can put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize the person who just entered the car and is now driving away is not her stepmom it's too late. Griffin didn't mean to kid nap Cheyenne. All he wanted was the car but how will griffins dad react when he finds out that Cheyennes dad is the president if a large corporation and is willing to give ransom if they will let her go. But that's not it.. How is Cheyenne supposed to survive when she's not only sick with pneunonia, she's blind.

Cheyenne (character 1)

Cheyenne is an innocent 16 year old who is left blind after an accident that occured years ago. While waiting in the car for her stepmom she is kidnapped. During the duration of her accidental stay at Griffins home she begins to fall in love with him. Yeah I know sounds weird she fell in love with her kidnapper. I love the role of Cheyenne in the book and I can tell you this much, she is one tough cookie.

Conflict and resolution.

The main conflict of the book starts off with the kidnapping. When griffin realizes what he did he is quick and ready to give Cheyenne back but not if his dad has anything to do with it. Griffins dad Roy is in it for the money when he finds out Cheyennes dad is the president of Nike. Cheyenne is sick with pneumonia in the midst of all this and keeps getting more and more ill. Griffin tries his hardest to keep her alive but his dad shows no interest, all he wants is his money. I won't give away the ending but what do you think will happen? Will Cheyenne make it through this?

Picture of a character.


The author. (April Henry)

April Henry was born April 14, 1959. She was born in Portland, Oregon and says her inspiration and help in this journey of getting books published and being noticed is Roald Dahl. In 1999 April's first book circles of confusion was published by harper collins. April has written many books including square in the face, the night she disappeared and face of betrayal. I love April. She is such a great author and she sure has a way with words!