Anasazi Collapse

By Nicholas Khzouz

Who were the Anasazi?

  • American Indians
  • Lived New Mexico area
  • Aka. Ancient Pueblo Peoples
  • Known for Pueblos before Pueblos were cool
  • Prominent in pottery
  • Had great roads including one called the Great North Road
  • No known writing system
  • Religion big in society

Why did they fall?

The Anasazi fell primarily due to great overpopulation, which made worse the already expanding issues of food shortages, and great migration due to a lacking religion.


The Anasazi became so successful that, like the Mayans, had an excess of food, creating natural overpopulation. Managing food and water became a problem after this and then the drought struck, making many leaving their homes.

Food Shortages

After overpopulation, the society had too many to support itself on the current rate of the food supply. So, eventually, people got less and less food. Some dying from starvation. And others migrated to the south.


There were two reasons for an Anasazi to move south. One was because the of the lack of food, but it's hard to believe this one, because it would be a long trek without food. The other because of religions. An absence of religious symbols in their declining years, shows that there might have been a more superior religion down south, and they wanted to be a part of it.


Although the Anasazi had food shortages and a shrinkage of population, it was mainly due to the overpopulation issues. If the Anasazi had managed their population somehow, maybe by limiting the children that a family could have, they would have been able to avoid their downfall.