Herbert Spencer

By Logan Richardson


Herbert Spencer was born 1820 and died in 1903. His first book appeared 1851. In 1853 he got a small inheritance from his uncles death so he could devote his life to writing. In 1883 he was elected a corresponding membor in the philosophical section of the french academy. His Reputation was at its peak between 1870 and 1880 and was nominated for a nobel prize in 1902.

10 facts of his research

1. Human society's evolution principles reflects that of a biological organism does in its own development.

2. The conditions of social existence and recognition of life beginning with the 'laws of life' can produce a sense of happiness.

3. Happiness is what a human being naturally seeks

4. Common interests is important for an individual's development

5. The persistence of force is a principle of nature

6. The increase awareness of individual freedom

7. The natural growth of one needs Liberty

8. Everyone has basic rights to liberty

9. Rejection of utilitarianism

10. Government needs not only individual consent but that of a joint stock company