CreekKids Parent Letter

March 2016 -- Preschool

The Big Picture for March

It’s a very special month this month. It’s Easter! While it can be one of the busiest months of the year in our churches, the message of Easter is so important to share, even with our preschoolers.

Jesus came to live among us because He wants to be our friend forever. He knew He was going to go away, and He knew He was coming back. He told His friends that was what was going to happen and it did. Jesus came back. He is alive.

God sent Jesus to do a very important job. He came to teach us about how much God loves us and how much He wants us to love. We will share examples throughout the scriptures of how Jesus taught us about God’s love. Jesus taught us to love God and love people.

Our preschoolers will see how Jesus invited ordinary men to an extraordinary life when He asked them to follow Him. He said just those simple words—follow me. They did. And, we should to. In fact, that’s our bottom line for this month. I can follow Jesus. Who can you follow? I can follow Jesus.

Isn’t that what Easter month should be about? Following God’s Son who came to save us all. I’m so thankful God sent us Jesus. Let’s celebrate that He is alive.

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