Christmas tree


Origin of the Christmas tree

    • Christmas trees come from Germany and Northern Europe.

    • Fir meant fire, and fire is an ancient symbol for spirit. The evergreen tree was thought to be the ever burning fire of life.

    • The lights on a Christmas tree represent the stars in the night sky.

    • At first only a branch of a fir or evergreen tree was used to decorate peoples homes.

    • The pyramid shape of the tree was suppose to mean that it was pointing up to the heavens.

    • The green color symbolized the force of life throughout the year.

    • Decorative bright ball ornaments represented the planets.

    • The star on the top of a Christmas tree is suppose to remind us of Bethlehem.

    • Many early Christmas Trees seem to have been hung upside down from the ceiling using chains (hung from chandeliers/lighting hooks)

    • These trees were thought of as paradise trees. Germans used these trees in plays and musicals that they performed in front of the people of the church on Christmas eve.

    • The trees reminded people of the garden of Adam and Eve.

    • Christmas trees were thought of as foreign until the British Queen and her German husband decorated a grand tree for Christmas.
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