"Think before you do"

Universal Tagline

How is the Chaos Theory Presented in the Story

The chaos theory is represented in this story because the man, Eckels, accidentally kills a butterfly in the pass. This results in a huge change in the future. Something so small and insignificant like that resulted in a large domino effect.

What message is this story sending us that related to the Chaos Theory or the Philosophies of the Meaning of Life

A message that this story is sending us that relates to the Chaos Theory is that a decision you do now will have a huge effect in the future, so consider your decisions before you do something, think before you do something.

What are some examples of the chaos theory in real life that you have seen/experienced? Do these examples fit with the story's message?

Something that I have seen in real life that is an example of the Chaos Theory is that once, I saw a DirecTV add. It said, "When the cable company keeps you on hold you feel trapped, when you feel trapped you need to feel free, when you need to feel free you try hand-gliding, when you try hand-gliding you crash into things, when you crash into things the grid goes down, when the grid goes down crime goes up, and when crime goes up your dad gets punched for a can of soup. Don’t Have your Dad Get Punched Over a Can of Soup. Get rid of Cable. And upgrade to DIRECTV." That's the add that I saw before.

"Think Before You Do"

The reason why we chose this universal tag line is because in the story "A Sound of Thunder", the main character, Eckels, did not think, and got scared when the T-Rex charged towards them, so he ran away off the path, which he was it supposed to do. When he went on the dirt, he killed a butterfly, which resulted in a huge change in the future. All because he wasn't thinking, and he lost his cool. Things like this happen in real life also, like when you are not thinking and decide to pee in an outlet in the bathroom. Whoever did that was obviously not thinking, and not thinking of the consequences. Something as small as peeing in an outlet in the bathroom resulted in a huge mess, starting a fire, and making the fire department come over. That is why you should think before you do.