Hardy's Happenings

May 8, 2016


The first ever PRS Patriot Games was a great success! It was so much fun to see the kids having so much fun! They enjoyed games such as the Potato Sack Relay, the Noodle Javelin, the Sponge Race, Jump the River, and Four Corners. Following the games, the children enjoyed the Spring Fling activities. There was a giant, blow-up slide, face painting, and craft activity. We took a break with popsicles, drinks, and snack and then ended the fun morning with tug-of-war competitions. It was a great time together! Thank you so much to all you parents who sent in snacks and drinks or volunteered your time to come and help!


We have continued readings of fiction by enjoying some classic folktales. We noted characteristics of these folktales: they are stories passed down from long ago, their characters can be people or animals, the animals often talk, and these stories often teach us a lesson through the characters. Some of the folktales we read include The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Little Kittens, The Little Red Hen, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, and The Teeny Tiny Woman.

We shifted this week to a different type of text--poems. We brainstormed ways we know when we read or hear a poem. We noted that poems can have a title, they can have rhyming words (or not), they can be short, they can have repetition and rhythm. We read "Bugs" and "Spring" to get us started. Both of these are list poems. When we looked more closely at the poems we discovered describing words. We practiced thinking of things (nouns) and then words that describe those things (adjectives). Together as a group we wrote several list poems. Here is our poem, "Summer":


Cool swimming,

Sandy beach,

Fun playing,

Fantastic vacation,

Salty ocean,

Green outside,

Hot sun,

Drippy sweat,

We love summer!

We also used our poetry writing skills to write a list poem about Mom. I hope you found those sweet poems in your child's red folder this weekend. This week, we will continue to read and explore other types of poems.


We have worked during our morning meeting time to gain understanding of place value for numbers 11 to 19. We have used objects and drawings to compose and decompose these numbers into ten ones and some further ones. We also represented our thinking through writing equations (ex. 18 = 10 + 8). We continued our practice with place value during center time where we have worked on a place value book and learning to play a Race to 30 game.


We have continued to work to finish our bat colony for our woodlands habitat. We have worked to write about our learning about bats in our fact books. We are finishing these Woodlands Habitat fact books up this week by working on our covers. These books have captured representations of our learning throughout this theme. They will come home to you the last week of school.

We took a few days this last week to focus on our moms and Mother's Day. We read several books about moms: Mama, Do You Love Me?, I Love You, Stinky Face, Mama Zooms, Llama, Llama Misses Mama, My Mom Is Great. Together we brainstormed describing words about our moms. We each wrote a list poem to tell about our mom. We made a Mother's Day gift which you should have found inside your child's red folder. Happy Mother's Day to all you terrific moms!


Your child's April Journal came home to you on Friday. Please take a few minutes to sit down with your child and read their entries together. You will be proud of their writing progress! Don't forget to send this journal back to school this week. We will add it to their year-long journal which will come home to you the last week of school.


Our ABC Countdown to the end of school continues! The children are having so much fun with these extra activities and treats! They love the surprise of finding out what each day will hold! We have counted down with letters D through L. Thank you for helping us make our last days together so fun and memorable!


Friday, May 20 -- Kindergarten Fun Day

The flyer with all the details came home in your child's red folder on Friday. I will resend an electronic version of that flyer this week as a reminder. We are looking forward to a day of super fun water activities!

Monday, May 23 -- Hardy Class Family Picnic

Join us at 11:00 for lunch together to celebrate a wonderful school year! Bring a lunch or order a school lunch ahead of time (email me or send a note with how many to order). Check in through the office and join us behind the school at the picnic tables to eat together. We will enjoy and ice cream sundae bar for dessert. Look for an email to sign up for an item to bring and share. Hope you will be able to join us!

Thursday, May 26 -- Last Day of School


I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness during Teacher Appreciation Week. I was really spoiled with the popcorn bar snack, luncheon (thank you to Teagan and Livia's moms for covering the class so that I could attend), sweet notes and cards, and supplies for our classroom. The kids loved participating in the book swap. I count myself very blessed to work in a place where teachers are supported and cared for. I thank you so very much!