Library Notes 9/24/14

Information Literacy for Staff

A Busy Library

A Busy Library


Guidance 7:30-8:00

Butler 9:15-9:45

Price 11:30-12:00

Butler 1:15-2:15


Jones—computers 8:30-3:00

Butler 9:15-9:45

Price 9:45-10:15

Price 11:30-12:00
Price 1:30-2:00


Richardson 9:15-10

Breski 10:30-11:00


Gushee 8:15-9:00,
Basile 9:00-10:00
Gushee 12:15-1:00
Gushee 1:15-2
Basile 2-2:45

Stepney 8:15-9:00, 12:15-1:00, 1:15-2:00


Frasnelli 8:15-9:00, 12:15-1:00, 1:15-2:00

Ryan-Shrader 8:15-9:00

Foreman/Cox 9:00-9:45
Frasnelli 12:51-1
Kaur/Cox 1:15-2:00


Moore 8:15-9:00

Richardson 9:15-10

Moore 12:10-12:55

Moore 1:15-2:00
Ryan-Schrader 2:00-2:45

Reading Material in Spanish for all Content Areas

World Book On-line is provided to all Prince William County Schools. Entries can be converted into Spanish and other languages.

To access World Book Online go to: (or go to our library's media center page on school fusion and navigate to "help with research for the link").

type in the username and password (this is in the body of your email). The library also has bookmarks with all the passwords for all our electronic resources. We can pop one or several in your mailbox. Let us know.

Use any version of World Book on-line that suits your student. Most often, we use the student version for middle school grades in the library.

Try the word "soccer"

Click on the link to the first entry.

Above the entry in green font are links to helpful functions. One is translate this text. It will take a few seconds for the article to translate.....but when it does you have an article that can be printed out or shown on your smartboard or brought up on a tablet for reading.

Have fun!

Trivia Question -- Respond in Email to Linda

Does Stonewall Middle School Have a Professional Library? If so, where is it?

hint: answer was in the first Library Notes of the year.

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