literary term #2

By:Elijah Chandler

Helen on Eighty-Sixth Street

1st person point of view-uses the pronoun "I", one of the characters in the story is telling the story-I hate Helen. "That's all I can say. The author provides this info because it uses the pronoun I.

pg; 304

2nd literary term

setting-describes when and where the story takes place-"Mom and I live on West Eighty-sixth Street". the author tell me the setting because its telling me where the story takes place.


3rd literary term

Theme-Main idea or message- ''I want my father back''. the theme from that quote is she's Missing her lost father because without him her life is harder.


4th literary

Abstract foreshadowing-senses: thoughts/feelings a character has or the way a character acts. ''When Dad first left and I still believed he was coming back, it made me happy that we still lived in the same building. I was happy because he would always know where to find us. Now that I am older I know the city is not that big. it is easy to be found and easy to stay lost''. this information is proven because the quote is stating her feelings about her father.