Coaching Corner

Volume 1 / Issue 12: Math Edition

Math Ideas

As we approach the end of the year and dive head first into testing season, I thought I'd share some fun ways to keep math going in your classroom.

These can be used as warm-ups, afternoon activities on a testing day, or whenever!

When I think of these activities, they really remind me of how we can hit the seven mathematical practices.

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Estimation 180

Estimation 180 is definitely one of my favorites! These real life estimation activities help build on their number sense one day at a time. Use this handout to help keep students organized.

Estimation 180 handout

Try one activity below.

How many tissues in a package? (click here for the answer)

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Osmo Pizza Co.

Osmo is definitely one of my favorite companies and they definitely know how to wow students. The video above is one of their newer games where students practice making pizzas and practice how to make change. Great for money review!
Introducing Osmo Pizza Co.

3-Act Math Tasks for Kindergarten

I gotta give credit to Dan Meyer for 3-Act Math tasks (<----- check his out and watch him here).

Here's one from Graham Fletcher. The idea behind these tasks is that you would complete them with the students over 3 sessions (Act 1, 2, and 3). The first act makes the students think and wonder about something. The second act is where they can find out more information. The third is where they find the solution. There's lots of magic that can go on in-between.

Check out this Kindergarten activity below.

Share the Love Act 1

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

  • How many M&Ms will each girl get? Estimate.
  • Write an estimate you know is too high. Write an estimate you know is too low.

Click here for all 3 Acts.

Share the Love (Act-1)

SolveMe Mobiles

SolveMe Mobiles is a great number sense practice (watch this video to understand the importance of number sense). Students have to balance the mobile by figuring out how much each shape is worth.

Once they've played them, then they can also build their own!
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Would You Rather

Would You Rather Math is a great way to get students to think and justify real life math scenarios. See one below. Which one would you rather do? Why?
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Keepin' It Real

My husband and I were playing hide n seek with Micah this past weekend. We were standing in the hallway counting while he was hiding and we heard some movement. When we went to seek him, we found him in the freezer.

Talk about thinking outside the box! Or is it in the box?