6 Traits of Writing

Mat Trachta

the First trait

The first process is idea. An idea is, "Exelent Writing has a clear message, focus,or a purpose. The writing contains plenty of specific ideas and details."

The second trait

The second process is organization. Organization is, "Effective writing has a clear beginning, middle, and ending. The overall writing is well organized and easy to follow."

the third trait

Voice is the third process. Voice is, "Write the narrative in a way that sounds natural - like the real you. Give the people in your narrative voice, too."

The fourth frait

The fourth process is word choice. Word choice is, "Use specific nouns, vivid verbs, and well chosen madifires."

The fifth trait

The fifth trait is sentence fluency. Sentence fluency is, "Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next. Sentences vary in length and begin in a variety of ways."

The sixth trait

Finally the last trait, conventions! A convention is, "Good writing is carefully edited to make sure it is easy to understand. The writing follows the rules for punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Word Choice Song

The writing process.

The writing process (also shown below) is, pre write, draft, revise, edit, and submit. If you want to write a book lets say, you should probably go through this process.

Write Tools

the write tools is an important process to writing a paragraph. The three colors to highlight with are, red, yellow, and green.


The T-table is an easy way to write down ideas for your paragraph. You use the color schemes, red, yellow, and green

Core 4 topic sentences

The four core topic sentences are Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization.


Transitions is a main idea. Transitions are beginning words, and main idea sentences.

Tell me mores

Tell me mores are extra information. The extra information is more about the main idea sentence.


Conclusion sentences are ending sentences. Ending sentences are telling readers the end of the paragraph.

Finally color sheme

Colors for the write tools are green, yellow, and red.