IDGAF Party of Canadian Texas!

I Don't Give a Firetruck!

What we're all about!

We are the I don't give a Firetruck Party of Canadian occupied Texas (IDGAF Party for short). We're for a Canadian occupied Texas and the detonation of a Thermonuclear Warhead on the North Pole. We pledge to support the Canadian occupation of Texas, because Canadian Bacon and Steak are very similar. We also support Global Warming, to grow Lemons in Canada.

Look at all these Firetrucks we don't give!

IDGAFT Party of Canadian Texas

We are a political party in Texas hell-bent on cutting down Federal Government and Spending, and also to Enforce a Canadian Occupation of Texas.

How to Join!

All you need to do stand for the not giving of firetrucks is to contact the chairman on Twitter at the link Above!