Friday Email

December 4, 2015

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.
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Specials Team - Thank you for your extra work this week! I appreciate you so much.

All Teachers of Reading - Thank you for being reflective about the workshop model and thinking about how the reading block will look in the future.

Tracy Barsch - Thank you for figuring out how to fix the Keurig. Our staff loves you!

Kelcie Shanahan - Thank you so much for working with our GT students! We will miss you so much!

Jan and Kathy - The Story Porch looks fabulous! It is one of our student's favorite things. Thank you for your hard work!

Taylor Kopp - Thank you for adjusting your teaching based on the needs of your students. You are so reflective about engagement in reading!

Midge Schmidt - I love how you incorporated student voices in your PA presentation today. It was very touching!

Mimi Probst - Taylor - Thank you for setting aside time to work with Lindsey on the next steps with Grammar Talks. I have heard her talk over and over again about how awesome the work is!

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Important Dates:

December 8 - 7:00 pm Honor Choir Concert (3 students from Smith) performs at Independence High School

December 9 - 3:20 PD - Please see notes below

December 10 - 8:00 am Treblemakers Choir Assembly (cafe), 6:00 pm Evening Treblemakers Choir Performance

December 11 - Celebrate Smith, 11:30 Principal Award Lunch

December 15 - 6:30 pm Lone Star Parent Meeting

December 16 - 8:00 am Spelling Bee (Cafe)

December 18 - 1:45 Holiday Parties, The Force Awakens Officially Opens!!!

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December 9th - PD

All classroom teachers and SPED/SAIL teachers will gather in Pod 3 for announcements and celebrations.

We will then break into groups for PD.

Grades K-2, Rynders, Funtjar - Reading PD in Pod 3

Grades 3-5, Williams, Carpenter - Reading PD in 106 (Corder's Room)

Grades 4 and 5 Math Teachers, Baker - Math PD in Tech Room (304)

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Dimension 3.1 Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures

Dimension 3.1 Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures:

The teacher organizes a safe, accessible and efficient classroom.


  • Establishes and uses effective routines, transitions and procedures that primarily rely on student leadership and responsibility.
  • Students take primary leadership and responsibility for managing student groups, supplies, and/or equipment.
  • The classroom is safe and thoughtfully designed to engage, challenge and inspire students to participate in high-level learning beyond the learning objectives.

Looks Like:

  • student leadership and responsibility
  • self transitioning
  • knowing where to find/clean up materials
  • student jobs/roles
  • anchor charts increase engagement and level of learning

Sounds Like:

  • no teacher redirections
  • less procedure questions
  • student leading and guiding others
  • students talking more than teacher
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How to set up "out of office" in Outlook

Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016:

  1. Click the File tab, and then click the Info tab in the menu.
  2. Click Automatic Replies (Out of Office).
  3. In the Automatic Replies dialog box, select the Send Automatic Replies check box.
  4. If you want to specify a set time and date range, select theOnly send during this time range check box. Then set theStart time, and then set the End time.

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Elementary Instructional Coach Informational Meeting

An informational meeting for Frisco ISD staff interested in applying for the elementary instructional coach position is scheduled for Thursday, December 17, 4:30-5:30 in the FISD board room.

Job responsibilities and program expectations will be shared. Attendance is not required for applicants interested in future positions. Three or more years of classroom experience is required.

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Lunch Menus - December and January

You can always find updated menus on-line. I have attached the December and January menus for your reference. These are the menus Carissa uses for our diabetic and allergy students. They have changed from the one shared at the beginning of the year.

December 8th is a free cookie day. December 15th is a free Sidekick.

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SAGE Shirts

If you ordered a SAGE shirt, the district has approved wearing them every Thursday with jeans. You are welcome to join in with the district! Thank you for your support of our students.

Way to go Kara Meketa!

Turkey Tango

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Chapter 5 - Get Beyond the Red Wagons

My Summary - Help Everyone Accept the Reality of Change

All of the elves has a history of building red wagons. They were masters at red wagons. One day Santa had to tell them that video games were now "in". This was a major shake-up for the elves and would throw them into the new or unknown. Santa Claus employed the following strategies:

*I complimented the elves on their history of red-wagon excellence and expressed pride.

*I introduced the change we were facing and explained why it was necessary.

*We discussed the benefits to be gained (individually and collectively).

*I asked for everyone's commitment to the new direction (including training and patience/understanding).

*I made sure everyone on the team understood.

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Have a wonderful weekend!