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May 9, 2016

SAVE THE DATE! Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 10th - Kindergarten Trip To Olvera Street In Downtown Los Angeles - Taking the metro and leaving at 8:30 AM


Chaperones will meet at Mrs. Agundez's class at 8:10 AM (right after outdoor morning prayer). We will be departing at 8:30 AM and taking the metro to and from Olvera St. Kindly pack a labeled snack for your child in a ziplock bag as they will be eating upon arrival.

Lunch will be provided by El Paseo Restaurant at 11:30 AM for both children and adults which includes rice, beans, cheese quesadilla, chicken flauta and a drink. If your child has any allergies, feel free to bring a labeled packed lunch.

***Chaperones may not purchase any souvenirs and/or treats for the children.

Estimated return to Mayfield is 2:15-2:30 PM.

We would like to thank Mrs. Huizar (Aviana's mom) and Mrs. Soto (3rd Grade Parent) for helping us organize this event!


We would like to thank our moms who attended last week's Mother's Tea. The kids worked hard in preparing all the wonderful hats, decorations and the scrumptious food for the tea party. Since the scones were such a hit, we will be printing out a copy of the recipe and sending it home with each child. Cheers to our amazing moms!

For more pictures from this event, log on to https://mustangsclassof2024.shutterfly.com


Sofia Linares/May 6th - Mrs. Heupler's class

Paxton Enerson/May 19th - Mrs. Agundez's class

Kaya Racine/May 22nd - Mrs. Hale's class
James Milhaly/May 23rd - Mrs. Hale's class

Kathleen McBride/May 25th - Mrs. Hale's class


Language Arts - We are working on completing our Superkids Club student books.

Math - In math this week, we explored three dimensional shapes by making shapes from other shapes. For example, we made a hexagon using 6 small triangles. We also described shapes with actions. For example, a cylinder, a sphere and a one can roll. A cube, a cylinder, and a cone can slide and can be stacked. Lastly, we built using all of these shapes.


In May, we celebrate mothers. This week during religion, we focused on Mary the mother of Jesus. We studied her life as she cared for her Son and after His death, as she continued to be an example of faith and love.

The Kindergartners of Mrs. Hale's class came up with a prayer for the moms on the day of the Mother's Tea:

Dear Lord,

We hope our moms have a good time today and always remember that we love them very much. Thank you for our moms who took care of us since we were born. Please keep them safe and happy all the time. We wish for our moms to always stay healthy especially those who are pregnant or who have just given birth. God bless our beautiful moms!



This Friday, May 13 through Thursday, May 19 , Hodgins Library will sponsor the 8th Annual Recyle & Read Event, and everyone is invited to participate. What is it, you might ask? Simply put, our MJS community has been dropping off their gently used books during the school year. Our Library Committee sorts through all titles - infant through adult - displaying them on tables in the library during Recycle and Read. Parents, students, faculty and staff can stop by and pick up books to take home, free of charge.

The library is still taking gently used books for Recycle and Read. So, if you have a shelf of books you would like to part with and pass along to other eager readers, bring them to the library this week. For your convenience, MJS Girl Scouts will have a book curbside collection on Euclid Avenue on collection on Euclid Avenue on Tuesday, May 10 and Wednesday, May 11, 7:40 - 8:00 AM.


Mayfield Parent and Board Member Pamela Ebstyne King, Ph. D.

"Kids & God: Nurturing your Child's Spirituality and Ability to Thrive"

What do faith, God, and religion have to do with thriving in 2016? As a developmental psychologist and Presbyterian minister, Pam will discuss three core aspects of vital faith for children and youth, and how spirituality is essential to thriving young people who have are rooted in joy, have a purpose-based identity, and find meaningful ways to contribute to the greater good.

Date: Thursday, May 12

Time: 8:15 - 9:45 AM

Location: Hayden Performing Arts Center

Click here to register


For more pictures, log on to https://mustangsclassof2024.shutterfly.com