Executive Branch

John Mele


  • Executive power rests with Obama, the president.
  • The function of the executive branch is to sign and pass laws.
  • The roles of the president are to sign or veto laws, commander in chief, chief diplomat, chief executive, head of state, chief legislator, economic planner, party leaders.
  • The major departments are FBI, FDA, FCC, EPA, FTC, DEA, FAA, OSHA, DOD.


  • The executive power rests with Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr ,the governor.
  • Enforce state laws
  • Enforce laws, provide security, protect people's rights
  • Major departments: health and mental hygiene, transportation, state department of education, agriculture, and human resources

Concluding Sentence

Federal and State executive branches are similar because both are run by one person each. Both of the people are elected by the people. Both branches enforce laws and protect individual rights.