3 Ideas with which I agree and disagree with

3 Ideas that I agree with:

  • "Studying is not equally accessible to everyone" - I think that Lithuanian universities are expensive than in other countries. Not everyone can afford pay that sum of money for a year of study in university.
  • "University diplomas are bought and sold" - many Lithuanian universities accepting students who not having a good marks, but have a more money than others. You can buy everything.
  • "The quality of education does not only depend on tutors" - I agree because if students not listen to teacher, so they don't have ability to receive education.

3 Ideas that I disagree with:

  • "High price, low quality" - In Lithuania education quality is good enough, there you can work with newest technologies. Many countries think that in Lithuania educated people are very intelligent.
  • "The high variation in the amount charged for tuition" - For instance, a future musician must pay 20 thousand litas per year and a law student, 3 thousand, even though the one with a music degree is least likely to get a well-paid job.
  • "

My plans after high school

I am going to take four exams: math, Lithuanian, English and information technology. After high school I would like to study in England, because there are more perspectives after university. Also, I am thinking about Kaunas Technology University. I am going to study something with information technologies like programmer or computer engineering. This specialties require all my exams witch I am going to take.
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